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Monthly Archives: September 2011

The ACFW Conference

ACFW conference in St. Louis is a memory now. We can breathe again. I’m sure every participant came home with something different. Some of us received offers from agents and editors to look at our work. Many others simply enjoyed the fellowship with Christian writers – people who think like we do.  Others may have … Continue reading »

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Connie’s ACFW Experience

Two days after my wild flight home from the ACFW writer’s conference, I still need to sleep in. Now, if only my daughter’s school would comply and start an hour later, things would be A-OK. And what a wild ride it was, both literally and figuratively. You have to understand, I haven’t been on a … Continue reading »

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A Most Unsuitable Match by Stephanie Grace Whitson

Stephanie Grace Whitson guest blogged on Infinite Characters a couple of weeks ago, and many of you enjoyed her time here as she talked about quilts and history. Last night I finished a book written by Stephanie. If you haven’t read A Most Unsuitable Match yet, I recommend that you do. Fannie Rousseau loses both … Continue reading »

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A Doctor’s Folly–Wrong Kiss

Hello fellow fiction lovers. I hope you enjoyed our previous Fiction Fun theme “First Kiss Interrupted By and Animal.” Today, we are moving on to a new theme: “Wrong Kiss.” I hope you enjoy the story of Jeannette Weisman as she learns something new about the world around her. Tee hee hee.   A Doctor’s … Continue reading »

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Seeing God’s Glory

  We may see God’s glory from descriptions in the Old Testament: the fire, the cloud, the shining splendor. We may see His glory in His works – the sea, the mountains, all He has made. We may see Him through His Son Jesus Christ who is His expressed image. And we may see Him … Continue reading »

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Congratulations June!!!!

Our dear June Foster has just signed a three book deal with Desert Breeze Publishing for her Bellewood Series. Here’s the release schedule: Bellewood Book One: Give Us This Day – February 2012 Bellewood Book Two: As We Forgive – September 2012 Bellewood Book Three: Deliver Us – April 2013 June has a talent for … Continue reading »

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Cherished–A Review

Cherished, by Kim Cash Tate, is a story about two women on different paths in their faith journey and how God brings them together to help them grow in Him. Kelli is a young woman whose faith had poured from her, through song, until she made a terrible decision which she felt separated her from … Continue reading »

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Quilts and Historical Fiction

I’m happy to introduce Stephanie Grace Whitson to you, although if you’ve read any of her books, I’ll be wasting my breath. I’m in the process of reading her recent book, An Unsuitable Match, and am enjoying it very much. Stephanie has a new book coming out next year with Barbour titled The Key on the Quilt, so … Continue reading »

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Growl Bigger than its Bite

Lucie Jeanne finished the final lap and met her friends by the sidelines of the marked practice area resembling a football field. Panting, she stretched her aching muscles as she tried to remember why she tortured herself like this every summer. Sweat dripped down her back. Band camp was killing her. She shielded her eyes … Continue reading »

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Reasons for Joining a Critique Group

I read a blog the other day that interviewed a new writer. The one thing that caught me about one of his answers was he said he wasn’t involved in a critique group. He did his own editing. I was taken back by that. I’ve been in a critique group for awhile now and can’t … Continue reading »

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