Dry As Rain, by Gina Holmes–A Review

Posted by on December 7, 2011

            I am so glad to be reviewing this book amongst the weeks when we here at Infinite Characters are engaged in a Fiction Fun challenge to write scenes about “Unusual Meetings,” because that’s how this book begins. An unusual meeting. The main character goes on a blind date, but, let’s just say, he doesn’t leave with the woman he came to meet.

Thus, the love story begins.

But it’s not your typical love story. It’s one fraught with the humanity that is so prevalent in a fallen world. Their marriage deadens like the frog who goes from cold to boiling water without realizing he’s being cooked. Much like many marriages around us. Real.

And then, Eric, the main character, discovers he has done the thing he never believed he was capable of. But isn’t that the insidious nature of sin? We are most vulnerable to that which we believe we are not.

Now, how to heal what has been broken. Eric is given an opportunity when his wife loses the portion of her memory where the marriage had been crumbling. Unfortunately, Eric takes too long to see and own the effects of his woundings, and how God would have him heal them, so rather than build the marriage on truth, he selfishly takes advantage of the advice the doctor gave him.

Will he see what’s wrong before it’s too late? Can he work to build back what he’s destroyed? You’ll have to read to find out.

Gina Holmes is a very talented writer. I am instantly drawn to her characters and their story and hope their lives will turn out well. They are strong and vulnerable, good and bad, spiritual and selfish. Human. Her writing made it easy to enter into the world of this man struggling to heal the effects of his own wrongs. And though the reader may not always agree with his choices, he or she has a better understanding of why he made them. A reminder of the reason God tells us not to judge.

What I love about this story is that it is very real. The characters are flawed and desperately in need of a Savior, even when they think they already have Him in their hip pocket. Most troubled marriages develop from a lifetime of cracks and often require a lifetime of spackle. And sometimes, when the hole is too big, one needs to build from scratch.

And yet, it can be done! My only wish in reading this book is that I could have lingered a little longer in the real rebuilding of the relationship. It was beautiful. As God’s healing always is. It just takes truth, work, and sometimes the hands of time.

3 Responses to Dry As Rain, by Gina Holmes–A Review

  1. Gina Holmes

    Beautiful review. So nice that you ‘got’ it. Thanks for this.

  2. June Foster

    I enjoyed meeting Gina at the conference. I agree, she is a talented writer. And I so enjoyed your review today. You did a wonderful job. June