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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Trusting in God Despite Our Circumstances

          Habakkuk 3:17-19 are a couple of my favorite scriptures. The verses depict the prophet’s faith in the Lord despite his material circumstances. I think it would be interesting to put this into modern day language.    Here’s the original. Though the fig tree does not bud and there are no … Continue reading »

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An Interview with Mildred Colvin

After much finagling and many calls to Mildred Colvin’s exclusive agent, I was finally given access to interview this extraordinary author <see hand waving in a flourish>. We are very blessed to have her with us today … And isn’t it amazing, she has the same name as one of my critique partners and writer … Continue reading »

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The Parable of the Ducks

  Our RV is parked at the most beautiful RV Park at Ft. Lewis, Washington, right on American Lake. Our spot is ten feet from the lake, so I decided to take my camera and investigate some of the wildlife. I saw the most amazing sight and figured it had a perfect Biblical analogy.  The … Continue reading »

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Illusion, by Frank Peretti—Monika’s Review

My dear friend, Monika Holt, just read a great book she wanted to share with me. Monika has blessed my other blog, Living the Body of Christ, on a number of occasions, and my audience loves her. So, given she is a woman who exudes the beauty of language (gifted to her by her Creator), … Continue reading »

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