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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Would Jesus Market Himself?

As writers journey theroad toward publication, learning both craft and business, one thing becomes painfully clear—Authors need platforms. What’s a platform, you ask? It’s a vehicle on which you let others know about your work. It includes group memberships, websites, social media and other forms of potential audiences. We are told without a platform, we … Continue reading »

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Changing Schedule

Hi, loyal readers. As we move into the new school year and my schedule in life changes, so will the posting schedule for Starting this week, I will be posting on every-other Friday. June Foster, who alternated Wednesdays with me before, will now post on the Fridays opposite me. This way you will hear … Continue reading »

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Welcoming Krista Phillips to Infinite Characters!

Tell us a little about yourself. I love brownies. Now that we have that fun fact out of the way, I’m also a wife to a super handsome man, Scott, a mom to 4 beautiful princess daughters, and a debut author of Sandwich, with a Side of Romance. I also have a heart to raise … Continue reading »

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The Thief on the Cross

  How could the Romans and the Jewish leaders have been so deceived to put Jesus to death? It’s easy for us to sit back in 2012 and say that. But 2000 years ago, they believed him to be a charlatan. Even His disciples who shared his days for 3 years believed he was to … Continue reading »

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An Interview with Historical Fiction Author, Rita Gerlach

Today, I have the wonderful privilege of introducing you all to Rita Gerlach, a writer from my local ACFW group. She writes Historical Romance and sagas set in Maryland, my backyard. I love this! Rita is also on Living the Body of Christ today, telling us how God brought her to her latest publisher. Tell … Continue reading »

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Please Welcome Regina Tittel

Regina Tittle has a gift for storytelling. That is evident from all three of her books. I became a fan of hers after reading Abandoned Hearts and Unexpected Kiss. Now that I’ve read Coveted Bride, I’m amazed by her abilities. Each book in The Ozark Durham Series gets better in my opinion. In Coveted Bride, … Continue reading »

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The Secret

                                                                                                                           I stumble and fall. I’m frazzled and flustered and berate myself for my mistakes. My humanness gets me in trouble every time. Can’t I do any better than this?  But Jesus says that’s why he died on a cross, for me – for my mistakes and humanness, faults and sins, great or … Continue reading »

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An Interview with Dineen Miller

This is my second interview with Dineen Miller–The first will be published later this month in the MBT Voices ezine—and I must say, every time I “speak” with her I just want to shout a praise to my Creator. She just exudes this in who she is. I hope you find the same as you … Continue reading »

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