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Camy Tang’s “A Dangerous Stage” and Why Great Characters are a Must!—A Sort-of Review

Posted by on December 10, 2012

A Dangerous StageTessa Lancaster could be me … uh … except for the fact that she’s courageous, half Japanese and once was an enforcer in her uncle’s yakuza (Japanese mafia) organization. Other than that, I so relate.


She’s real, down to earth and human, complete with strengths, weaknesses and insecurities. My kind of character. In fact, I’d like to hang out with her, grab a cup of coffee and talk about our favorite music together. And she has the added bonus of being able to take down a hit man if ever one was after me. You never know when that might be handy.

Maybe it’s her relationships with friends and family. Flawed, but threaded with a thick layer of snarky love. Some Christian, some not. She fights not just the bad guys but a continued questioning of her faith. Take out the well placed elbow to the solar-plexis and the sweep-leg kicks to the knees and she’s my mirror image.

Okay, honestly, I just like this character. One minute she’s saving the innocent, the next conversing with the criminal elements within her family, and the next she’s baking cookies. She’s just rounded, complex and yes, loveable! And that’s what makes “A Dangerous Stage” a great novel—good characters.

I love free books, so the library is a great resource. I can borrow a great story—without cost—read it and return. I know the plot, so I won’t need to read it another time. However, if it has good characters, who I’d like to “hang out with” again, I’ll buythat book, put it on my shelf and revisit it when I need a friend.

Camy Tang’s books do this for me and the “Protection for Hire” series is her best so far. She has an unusual character in an unusual set up and yet the people are so human, so relatable, I feel like they live down the street.

A Dangerous Stageis the second in this series. Tessa is hired to protect a contestant in a television singing competition whose daughter has stumbled on some secrets that could get her killed. Once again, Tessa uses her unique abilities and connections from her past to save the day, while negotiating her feelings for Charles Britton, the man responsible for lengthening her previous jail sentence.

It’s perky. It’s fun. And at times you’ll be on the edge of your seat. Not just because of the action, but because you care. Good writing. Good Characterization. Worth the read!

So when you buy this book and open it up, don’t forget to tell Tessa I said “hi.”

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2 Responses to Camy Tang’s “A Dangerous Stage” and Why Great Characters are a Must!—A Sort-of Review

  1. Connie Almony

    What?! You mean she isn’t ;o)???!!!

  2. Camy Tang

    Thanks so much, Connie! I’m so glad you enjoyed A Dangerous Stage! I have to admit that while I was writing it, I would often talk to Tessa like she’s a real person. 🙂