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IC Cafe Part Four – Ladies’ Hour

Posted by on April 18, 2013

“Welcome. I didn’t think you scared easily. I just didn’t believe Rick. I’m having a little trouble with my friend, but nothing a little .45 won’t fix.

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The winners of yesterday’s daily contest: Cindi Altman wins a man’s watch, and Joanne Elliott wins a $25 Visa Gift Card.”


“I’m Ilsa and as soon as I read this rude statement, the sooner we can get down to business: If you’re here just for the contest. Just scroll on down to the bottom, the back of the cafe. Do what it says to do. Don’t ask questions and don’t stare at my patrons as you move through.”

“I really don’t know what I see in Rick. He is so rude sometimes, but I love him. Crazy for him.”

“Just one more statement and I’ll be done with this foolishness. Here are the rules. Don’t comment on the misfits that come here. Don’t stare at their outfits. We have a few ‘time-travelers’. Everyone behaves better if you don’t stare. Oh, if you leave a comment you might win some cool stuff to make your trip memorable. Seems the dames ladies of like to treat people nice.”


“I’m going to find Rick and work things out. You stay and go to the table in the corner. Those ladies you spied on are still here. Go on, and if anybody asks, I was with you the whole time.”

Characters from Deborah’s Secret, Madeline’s Protector, Deliver Us, One Among Men, A Healing Heart, and Stopped Cold are eating at the cafe.

Madeline (Madeline’s Protector) sips the strong coffee the servant brought to the table. Warming her hands against the rough china, she cast her gaze again on the healer. “So you help mainly women, Miss Coleman? A mid-wife of sorts?”

Jillian (Deliver Us): “Yes. With all my heart, I want to open the Jeremiah House to provide girls an alternative to abortion.”

Samantha (One Among Men): “What a great goal. I just want to know God can use me in some special way, like my missionary best friend who teaches orphans in Africa.”

Mara (A Healing Heart): “I love teaching art and design. I wish I had time for it, but so many families rely on Bridger Pack and Rescue to meet their budgets. Someday I’ll have time to share the legacy of art that was shared with me.”

A tall woman with long, strawberry blond hair and gray eyes approaches the table. She’s wearing a green sweater and tan pants.  Her gaze narrows on the dark chocolate brownies. “I’m Molly Finnerty (A Place to Call Home). Sorry I’m late. I got stuck at the Hotel California. It was difficult to check-out.”

Molly Finnerty (A Place to Call Home): A quick round of introductions takes place as Molly slips into the seat in between the Southern Belle looking woman and the one in the lab coat. “You haven’t seen my friend, Kurt. Oh, of course you haven’t. He’s too busy trying to prove his innocence.”

Margaret (Stopped Cold): “I know how it is to track people. Until I find the drug dealers who sold my brother, Sean, a steroid, I can’t think of the future.”

Madeline (Madeline’s Protector): “If my aunt were here she’d think a tall, slender genteel girl like yourself should think only of marriage. ”

Molly (A Place to Call Home): Reaching for the chocolate goodness, Molly spoons on a dollop of fondue on it for extra measure. “My mom would push Margaret into a career as a model like she did to me when I was just a teenager. I missed out on lots of high school activities. I grew up too fast. Don’t let anyone do that to you.”

Madeline (Madeline’s Protector): Puzzling over what a ‘model’ or ‘high school’ might be, Madeline just assumes it’s not good. “I’m glad Aunt’s not with us. I couldn’t think of belonging to a man now. This is my first time from home, and I want a moment of peace.”

Deborah (Deborah’s Secret): “When you are ready, you’ll want a man who won’t rule over you, but who will walk beside you through this life.  I was married the first time such a short while—only two weeks. I know the difference. My prayer since Jamison’s death has been that God would send someone who would love me. Someone who would treat me and our children with gentleness and love.”

Mara (A Healing Heart): “Love again? I just didn’t think it was possible. After my husband died, I felt so betrayed. But there is a new guy, Joel. Well, he makes me dream again. Like I might have something to give the world, not just jobs. Something longer lasting than paychecks. Love. I’m not sure.”

Samantha (One Among Men): “I want a man who’s stable and reliable. One who won’t just drool all over me, but see me as important for who I am. One who’ll be there for me when I need him … And I wouldn’t mind if he was just the teensiest bit creative and passionate about things … maybe.”

Margaret (Stopped Cold): “I’ve never cared about anyone like I do Jimmy Willmore. He can smile at me and make my day better. I’ve been spending lots of time with him while my brother, Sean’s, been in the hospital. He’s so supportive. I don’t know what I would have done without him. Now he’s asked me out. I hope we’ll start seeing each other a lot.”

Jillian (Deliver Us): “You are young. Don’t let Jimmy pressure you into anything. Actions have consequences.” She brushed the crumbs of her cookie from her mouth. It gave her a moment to soften the edge in her voice. Not every girl would make the mistake Jillian made.  She curled her lips into a smile. “I want a man who can support me in my dreams and goals in the future. I want a husband and children more than anything. I just don’t think God will allow it after what I’ve done.”

Madeline (Madeline’s Protector): “I know that God’s will is perfect, but someone destroyed my confidence in men. It would take a great deal to convince me that I should marry right now.”

Molly (A Place to Call Home): She swallows another chunk of the brownie. With the deaths of her husband and father constantly on her mind, she nods at Madeline. “I’ve made some bad decisions in the past when it comes to men, so I’m not interested in a romantic relationship right now.”

Samantha (One Among Men): “I’m with you, but lots of people tell me I’m building walls, not trusting God to guide me through the challenges. They just don’t realize I really stink at picking men. Most of my past boyfriends were losers and jerks. I don’t have a very good track record and don’t trust myself to choose well now.”

Deborah (Deborah’s Secret): “It’s not your fault. My first husband claimed to be a Christian, but he angered so easily. I sometimes wonder if true love exists between man and woman. I must take the man my father has chosen for me, but if I could do my own choosing . . .” Deborah looked into the distance as if seeing what wasn’t there. “He would be gentle, kind, and see me as more than a possession. I know Dane wants a housekeeper and a mother for his children, but I’m hoping he can learn to love me. I believe love is important.”

A shot rings out. Rick trudges from the back. “The place is closing down now. Everyone out.”

Ilse emerges. She is pale as a ghost. “Yes, everyone has to go, but come back tomorrow for the celebration.” She falls to the ground.

Madeline (Madeline’s Protector) gasps. Miss Hart doesn’t flinch as if she’s use to gun shots and puts a protective arm about the youth and Miss Keegan.  Miss Coleman (Deliver Us) and Mrs. Asberry (Deborah’s Secret) rushed to Mrs. Lund’s aid. Mrs. Finnerty slumps in her chair. Her eyes glaze as if she’s caught in remembrance, but then soon starts to pray.

When the healer signals everything is fine, Madeline stands, adjusts her bonnet, and runs from the cafe.  So much for love.

Tomorrow, we will talk about these books and give out more prizes. In the mean time, leave a comment below to enter our daily prize and grand prize contests. For more chances to win the Grand Prize: a luxurious Coach Purse with a paperback copies of Madeline’s Protector and Deborah’s Secret, click this link.

Today’s Comment: What taught you the most about love?

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Pictures of Casablanca are stills taken from the 1942 Warner Brother’s Film.

16 Responses to IC Cafe Part Four – Ladies’ Hour

  1. joanne elliott

    So today is the last day of the contest, cant wait to see who wins…maybe it will be me!!!

  2. ELIZA E

    Congrats Cindi!! Good luck on the contest tomorrow!!! I sure could use a coach purse! =) truckredford(at)gmail(Dot)com

  3. Susan Karsten

    Having children and a long marriage have taught me the most about earthly love.

  4. Mary Foster

    How have I missed this? Rick & Ilsa, two of my favorite characters. Please do enter me in the contest. I’ll be back tomorrow. Thanks!

  5. Angie Breidenbach

    I think all the above answers are part of mine, but watching long married couples is an amazing example to me. Sometimes hearing how men care for their wives and support their dreams is truly powerful to me.

  6. Maxie Anderson

    I am enjoying this very much. I grew up with parents who were a couple who truly loved the Lord, so was taught about the love of GOD. I learned more about true love when I watched the love between my parents as I grew up, and felt how much they loved me. “For God so loved the World (us) that HE gave his only begotten son that who-so-ever believes in Him has everlasting love” and can live with Him in Heaven when our physical bodies die. He loves us even more than our parents, tho it is hard to believe as mortals. But, true. And, has been mentioned before ,when I first held each of my 4 babies. Knowing them you would do anything possible to keep them safe. Hope I get lucky and win a prize, but if not, I’ve had fun. Maxie Anderson

  7. Deanna Mundy

    Jesus has taught me about true love through my children. I have found that I have learned to love them unconditionally even when they are wrong or make bad choices. Jesus never gives up on us and when we go to Him over our faults, He forgives us, continues loving us, and giving us more chances.

  8. ELIZA E

    God does teach me about love…He loved me first..I know in all the books I read I love it when the guy chases the girl till she finally figures it out – it was like that with God too. He loved me when I didn’t know anything about Him. That is the kind of love that is just amazing – to love someone who doesn’t talk to you or even know you! God’s love is too deep for me to understand, I’m just glad He does.

  9. Ladette

    Having Children definitely taught me true love.

    I grew up seeing my parents love each other and us girls. I grew up knowing about Christ’s love, but when I experienced and understood it best was after I had my own children. Their unconditional love for me showed me God’s love for me. Their disobedience and my love for them anyhow, showed me my disobedience and how God loves me anyhow.

  10. joanne elliott

    I was only 7 when I got saved but I will never forget the evangelist telling me how God loved me so much, He died for me. When I grew up and went off to college, my dad presented me with a Bible, (I grew up in a loving home) and in the cover my dad wrote, “Honey, we love you so much, but always remember Jesus loves you more than we can comprehend, He will take care of you, He is there for you all the time.” I will never forget that, and I have never forgotten that Jesus loves me MORE!!!!!

  11. Anne Baxter Campbell

    Who or what taught me the most about love? Possibly the birth of my children. When you feel that unconditional love for this wee thing who just caused you several hours of excruciating pain, you get a glimpse of God’s love for us.

  12. Jamie

    Having children. I had no idea what love really was until the nurse handed my newborn baby to me. Raising children has given me a clearer understanding of my parents and a greater appreciation for all they did for me. When I think of my children I realize the sacrifice God made when He sent his Son to die for me. Amazing.

  13. Shirley Blanchard

    The person that taught me the most about love was Jesus, untill i got saved 31 years ago i didnt know how to love oh i cared for my parents and my kids but i really didnt know about love are how to give love, i would love to win this give away thanks

  14. Patricia Bradley

    Christ taught me what unconditional love is…I so wish I could exemplify His love.

  15. Karin Beery

    The Bible’s taught me the most about true love – it’s not quite what you see in the movies!