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Hotline Girl by K. Dawn Byrd

Posted by on July 29, 2013

K. Dawn Byrd writes for the younger set. Her stories reach into the world of teenagers and the problems that are so unique to them. This is true for her latest book, now available from Desert Breeze. Pick up your copy in either Kindle or Nook on or b&


Here’s what you’ll find in  HOTLINE GIRL by K. Dawn Byrd.

When the school counselor asks Abby to work a counseling chat line, she begs her to choose someone else. When Race, Abby’s three-year crush, begins using the chat line to talk about his girlfriend problems, can Abby be impartial when she really wants to tell him to dump her?

Race notices Abby after she has a complete make-over. He begins to spend more time with her and feels like a cheater because he likes the hotline girl too. How can he like two girls at once?

Abby is thrilled when Race begins spending time with her, but she’s crushed when he tells the hotline girl that he likes her and wants to take her out. Is he a player? Will he even want to be with her when he finds out that she is the hotline girl and knows all his deepest secrets?


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