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Serenity to Accept—A Review

Posted by on October 11, 2013

SerenityI love when I can relate to a story and its characters, especially ones where matters of faith are central—and “Serenity to Accept” is one of those stories.

This is a story like we see in my neighborhood where the church is not the centerpiece of the community. For many, it’s just a place to go on Sundays. For others, it’s something to avoid. And still others, it’s a place to find out more about their Savior. So what happens when people from two different beliefs collide? Good question. Elizabeth Maddrey gives us a glimpse of this in real time.

Why did I relate to this book? First of all, the characters. These were my family, friends, colleagues and even a few people in my life I wish I didn’t know. Real world people, with real world issues using real world dialogue. Elizabeth Maddrey does a masterful job of engaging the reader with her people.

I could also relate to the challenges these characters faced. One, as someone looking into issues of God AND as a devoted Christian living in a highly secular world.

Nothing cookie-cutter. No pat answers. Real stuff. Just people—sinners all—muddling through an imperfect world, looking for—and finding—glimpses of an all-loving Savior.

And that is why YOU should read this book!

I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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