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Nadine Brandes’ Editing Services

Posted by on May 9, 2014

Connie here. A few years ago I began using the ACFW large critique loop in order polish my first manuscript. There, I met Nadine Brandes, a young woman whose critiques of my work I LOVED, and her own writing was extraordinary. Just recently we came into contact again and I discovered not only does she hire out as an editor (the indie-pubber in me is soooo excited about that), but her own novel will be released in the next few months. I can’t wait to finally finish it!!! I’ll be interviewing her about that this fall.Nadine Brandes - Head Shot

Until then, she’s here to tell us about her editing services.

Nadine, tell us about yourself.

Thank you for having me! I’m a fiction author and freelance editor with a master’s degree in speech therapy. Clearly, I like to dip my toe in a lot of things. [grin] I live in Idaho with my husband. We have no children (yet) and no pets, which leaves a lot of time for me to focus on editing, reading, and writing (the golden trio for a book lover.) My husband works in business and church ministry — we love challenging our growth in Christ and encouraging youth to do the same. I also love the smaller things in life like chai lattes, seasons, books (of course), and Missouri.

Tell us about your services.

I consider my editing services as a steppingstone between finishing a manuscript and perfecting it. I offer several different levels to meet individual needs. I coach writers through the way I edit so that when they’re done applying edits they then have a new level of understanding about writing. This develops both their craft and their thinking.

I also try to meet every budget. I remember searching for affordable editing when I first started writing. It almost always seemed outside of my budget. In my business, I put together what I call the Shalom Edit. It’s an application process for a high-quality edit at an enormously discounted price. I offer this edit so that any author – no matter the skill or budget – has a chance to have his or her work edited. (Details can be found at

How did you get started doing this?

The idea of freelance editing had always been my “dream job” (aside from being an author.) Multiple professionals in the writing world said I had a talent for it, but I never considered actually pursuing it because I had a master’s degree in a different occupation. My husband and I were newly married and barely keeping up with the bills. Due to unusual circumstances, I had to quit my side job, which left us beseeching God for guidance.

I remember taking a long shower and praying, “God, what am I supposed to do now? Where will I get another job?”

That’s when freelance editing entered my head. “No,” I responded. “That could only happen in a perfect life.” But then I thought harder, prayed harder, and talked to my husband. Verses about God’s blessings and knowledge of my desires cropped up everywhere. We both came to the conclusion, “Why shouldn’t I pursue a dream?”

So I did it. I threw it together as fast as I could, completely slathered in desperate prayer, hoping in the first week I’d get enough clients to cover groceries. I did. Since then, God has grown and blessed it. There hasn’t been a day yet where it felt like “work.”

What do you like most about your work?

There are several things:

  1. The fact it doesn’t feel like work.
  2. Watching authors grow. The camaraderie that builds between my clients and me is always uplifting and an encouragement. It’s a joy to watch them grow in their understanding and then take that into their critique groups and their writing. It’s like spreading excellence! Even better is when I receive the e-mail saying, “I’m contracted!” or “My book comes out this month!”
  3. Discovering so many beautiful and wonderful stories out there. Imagination is an amazing thing and I get to see so much of it every single day. I basically get to live each day in fiction worlds that the rest of the universe hasn’t seen yet.

How long does it usually take to complete a job?

It depends on the type of edit and time needs of the client. The most frequent edit I deliver is a comprehensive critique. For those, I quote six to eight weeks if it’s a full manuscript. Partials can take around two weeks. If there is a rush edit, I’m often able to significantly shorten the edit time.

Are you a writer yourself?

Yes. I write Christian speculative fiction that focus on pursuing an active life—seeking God’s callings. So often, it’s easy to ignore that He calls us to greatness. I want to remind my readers of that. We don’t have to spend lives living vicariously through Eowyn as she slays the Witch King, or through Harry as he defeats Voldemort, or through Hadassah as she gives everything for her love of God. When I finally grasped that God is calling us to that type of greatness and adventure – we only have to pursue it – my life and the life of my husband drastically changed. It’s been amazing.

My debut novel, A Time to Die, is the first dystopian novel in a series and comes out Fall 2014 through Marcher Lord Press (link: It’s about a teenage girl with one year left to live who realizes she’s wasted her life and wants to find purpose before she dies.

After this series, I have a fantasy series I’ve been itching to write for the past ten years.

How would a writer contact you for work?

Through the contact page (link: on my website, which ultimately takes them to my editing email:



Editorial Page:




Thanks for stopping by.

What others are saying:

“Nadine is a first-rate novelist with the careful mind of a good editor. I’m biased, but I think smart novelists make the best fiction editors, and Nadine fits the bill. I trust her enough as an editor that I send her the jobs I end up not being able to take on.” – Jeff Gerke (link:

“For anyone considering Nadine’s editorial services, you simply can’t go wrong. While she is strong in all areas, her eye for plot inconsistencies and character development is phenomenal. She doesn’t just edit manuscripts, she coaches writers.” – Angie Brashear (link:

“I had the privilege of Nadine’s excellent edits on my latest women’s fiction work. Her keen eye and ability to understand story helped to make some necessary changes that has improved this novel. She captured the essence of the characters and gently encouraged their deeper development. I was pleasantly surprised with her detailed and thorough feedback, and will consider her for future projects.” – Marian Merritt (link:



Nadine Brandes is an adventurer, fusing authentic faith with bold imagination. She writes stories about brave living, finding purpose, and other worlds soaked in imagination. Her debut dystopian novel, A Time to Die, releases in 2014 from Marcher Lord Press. When Nadine’s not taste-testing a new chai or editing fiction novels, she is out pursuing adventures. She currently lives in Idaho with her husband.

3 Responses to Nadine Brandes’ Editing Services

  1. Nadine Brandes

    Thank you for your kind words, Brent. 🙂 I’m constantly blown away by God’s involvement in our lives!

  2. Nadine

    Thank you for your kind words, Brent. 🙂

  3. Brent King

    Nadine’s is such a moving story about how God works in our lives. It’s amazing! I feel privileged to have met her. Thanks for the interview Connie…