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A New Website for Readers Looking for Great Christian Fiction

Posted by on September 12, 2014

Today, I’d like to tell you about a new website for readers of Christian fiction looking for a reasonably priced ebook read on an ever-broadening range of storylines— “Ickfuss” (ICFS) to its friends.

Archive by release year

What is Indie Christian Fiction Search? It is THE site to find the latest releases of Christian fiction, written from the heart.

From the Heart

As many of you who read this blog know, there is a new revolution in fiction publishing—novels written by independent authors. We often talk about how this revolution has impacted the author, giving her more control in her finished product and freedom to write what is on her heart as opposed to what the executives say is the trend of the day. However, we forget to mention what this means to the reader. It means many things.

First, because the story is not chosen by a select few in an office building ruled by marketing executives, the range of stories written will be greater with a more expansive breadth of author voice. Where fiction had been confined by a limited choice of time periods, regions and settings, stories can now be told about any one, doing anything, anywhere in the world—even outer space.

This is a good thing.

Second, for this reason, an author will have the chance to write what he or she is called to write, from a perspective that comes deep within his or her experience. Authors are always told, “Write what you know.” And then they are told, “Write what sells.” The latter will get them contracts. The former will be a story that is written from the heart. Readers now have a larger access to the former.

Who Needs the Library When Books are this Affordable?

The third benefit of the Indie Revolution to the reader is the price. This is great news for those of us who consume books like water. As independent authors find more and more great editors and cover designers on their own (see our author resource page for examples) and there is no publisher taking a bulk of the cut, the independent author can pass the savings on to you. Readers can find gMagazine--edreat ebook stories for less than $5 and many for 99 cents and even free.

How to Find These Great Books

So where does a reader find all this great stuff? On Indie Christian Fiction Search (ICFS), of course. It’s not a site that only displays books by authors who’ve paid to be on it. It’s not a site that lists a few books per day. It’s a site that displays all books listed on its home page, can sort them by genre, and has a robust search system which allows the reader to scroll through several blurbs selected by the reader’s search criteria, without having to apply multiple clicks. Not even Amazon can do that!


Not only is it user-friendly, the view can be customized to suit each reader’s preference. Just go to the “How to Use This Site” page and you will see.

You are the Gatekeeper!

We also hope that as the site grows, readers will engage by commenting on books posted there, giving their opinions on what books inspire them. This is most important today, because in this new publishing age, the READER is the gatekeeper instead of the executive.

That’s right, I mean YOU!

So go to it and let us know what you think.

For Indie Authors …

Also, if you are an indie Christian fiction author, feel free to peruse the guidelines and see if this site is right for your work. We’d love to have you. The more, the merrier!!!

One Response to A New Website for Readers Looking for Great Christian Fiction

  1. June Foster

    Connie, this is awesome. Thank you so much for creating this site.