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Rachel Trautmiller Tells IC about Her Latest Novel, “Disconnect”

Posted by on March 27, 2015

Several weeks ago I had the great pleasure to e-hang-out with Rachel Trautmiller during a Facebook Book party. I had so much fun getting to know her I finally decided to try one of her novels, Disconnect, the second in The Bening Files series. Um … what a great ride!!! Now I have to read the first one to find out all of what I’d missed.

I also thought I’d invite Rachel to IC so YOU could meet her too.

Hi Rachel.Rachels headshot

Thanks for having me on Infinite Characters, today! I hope your readers are ready for a little murder and mayhem with a side of romance served on the wildest ride this side of the hemisphere. Secure your belongings and, please, keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times. I’m kidding—mostly.

No you’re not. <smile>

Here’s a little bit about me and/or my characters (I know that’s who you’re here for. It’s okay!).

We’ll get to your characters in a minute, Rachel. But first, let’s start with you. Tell us a little about yourself.

I grew up in Central Minnesota, on a farm. I’ve helped raise everything from cows to ostriches, corn to hay. I met the love of my life at the age of sixteen on a—wait for it—blind date. I like to think my friends were merely helping out a semi-shy girl and not the alternative. And if you’re thinking it was love at first sight, well, you’d be mostly right. Except for my initial thought that he and his friend might be serial killers (did I mention I write romantic suspense/thrillers and have a wildly active imagination?). Anyway, minus his military deployments, we’ve been pretty much inseparable since that time. We’ve travelled the United States and lived on both coasts. I much prefer the warmth of California to the nine-month sub-zero tundra of Minnesota.

Hey, my hubby and I met on a sorta-blind date, too. Except I didn’t think mine was a serial killer.

As a child or teenager, did you ever dream of being an author?

Yes. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. And making up stories long before my fingers could form the squiggly looking words on paper. One summer, my backyard held a time portal to another universe. The key to that quantum leap was one piece of paper with a round picture of a clock and the earth. I think I was six or seven at the time. Who knows, maybe I’ll take a leap into the sci-fi/paranormal genre yet!

I’m sure you’d handle it well.

Share something about your day-to-day life that might help a reader feel as though they know you a little better.

I love writing. It’s a passion that can be a little consuming at times. I still work outside the home, however, so life can get a little hectic between that, family and work. I also have a toddler—a sweet, full of life little girl who can melt me with a smile and have me giggling over things I shouldn’t. I still grocery shop (hate it). When my husband isn’t manning the grill, I cook (hate that too!). There’s laundry (when will the fairy come and save me?). Add laughter, love and coming together in trying times. So, my day is like anyone else’s, only it’s mine and I wouldn’t trade it.

The fairy saves you when you sit at the keyboard and enter the fiction world, I would suspect. At least that’s what MY fairy does. Love that little sparkly girl!!!

How many books do you have published and where can they be found?

Two published books so far. You can find them on Amazon. Be prepared to stay up all night reading and wake a little bleary eyed. I’d apologize in advance, but you know that’s the kind of reading you love best anyway.

Here are the links:



Tell us about your latest book.

DISCONNECT (1)DISCONNECT is about choices and their impact on the world around us. The consequences that these decisions leave us with. And discovering when it isn’t between right and wrong, but living with the path you’ve taken—for better or worse. While it doesn’t have an in-your-face faith-based theme, it speaks of the deep love the heroine has for her friends and family. Shows the dedication she gives to her job. And there’s action that will leave your heart racing and your palms damp.

Who wouldn’t be a little freaked out with a conscienceless serial bomber who seems to know every dark secret? And even some you didn’t know about at all.


What are you working on right now?

AFTERMATH, Book 3 of The Bening Files.

Some family hurdles can’t be overcome. Forgiveness doesn’t come to all. And love is an agonizing reminder of loss. Can a seemingly unredeemable person find redemption in an unforgiving world?

Come find out in late 2015. Excerpt available at

Can’t wait!

How do you get to know your characters?

My characters are pretty much the boss here. They run around in the mayhem of my brain, flitting from broken scene to broken scene until a clear picture forms. Sometimes that takes minutes. And sometimes, I spend the entire first draft of my book discovering these little friends of mine. I’m a bit of a pantser (writing on the fly with very little outline) and I love a surprise just as much as the next guy. My characters have succeeded there—jumping out with little backstories I hadn’t anticipated. Proving why a side character I inserted is anything but. Making me feel sympathetic toward the villain. It’s a wild ride!

Sounds like loads of fun.

Do you put yourself into your main character, or do you find yourself borrowing from family or friends as your characters develop?

A little of both. I always try to put some small elements of myself into my heroine. Could be something as little as how I take my coffee. Something that helps me relate and connected with any character. In DISCONNECT, the heroine, Amanda Nettles, is a detective with enough sass to keep even the savviest person guessing. And she’s super good at provoking one determine FBI agent. She’s way better at quips and jokes than I am (the joy of rewrites!), but we definitely share the need for smart-mouthed comments. Watch out, world (insert hero stance)!


Is there any scene in your book that came from a real-life happening?

Sure, but since I write romantic suspense/thriller, it’s nothing interesting. In LINKED, the heroine from DISCONNECT (Amanda) sneaks into a hospital and poses as a Certified Nursing Assistant to garner information from a person-of-interest. She used to be a CNA. I used to be one and worked the Cardio floor, which is described in the scene. Other than small things like that, I’m one-hundred percent glad to say my life is NOT filled with murder and mayhem. I’ll take the romance part, though.

Amen to that!

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us? Maybe a writing tip for aspiring authors?

I’m not an expert, by any means. I’m still learning. However, my advice to aspiring authors is pretty simple. Just go for it. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. If you want it and can’t stand the thought of NOT writing, go out there and get it. There are tons of groups with loads of information out there. Join one. Join as many as you can stand without going crazy. Ask questions. And then HIT PUBLISH. Oh, and go write some more!

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

As always, I love hearing from my readers. Please feel free to check out my website at If you sign up for my newsletter (don’t worry, I only send out mail when I’ve got a release coming out. So, no pesky messages every other second) you’ll receive The Bening Files novella, Obsession, as a free download.

Check me out on Facebook,

Follow me on Twitter @rtrautmiller or Pinterest


A conscienceless serial bomber has a game to play. The rules are simple. There are none.
Somebody knows Detective Amanda Nettles more than she cares to acknowledge. With one phone call, a faceless and genderless madman, proves he knows every dark secret Amanda has—even those she’s never uttered to a soul.
Two explosions have rocked downtown Charlotte and shaken its citizens. All the clues lead back to Amanda. With the FBI—namely Baker Jackson Robinson watching her every move, Amanda must figure out the why behind the madness, because this guy is coming after them. One-by-one. And he wants her to witness every detail.
Robinson’s life has never been simple. Prior to his sister’s comatose state, he preferred the chaos and the danger if it meant saving a life. Raising a pre-teen dependent on him, alone, means he needs to skirt around danger, aka—Amanda Nettles. The attractive and unavailable detective is trapped in play only their perpetrator understands. And he’s using those closest to Amanda as bait.
With each new event, Amanda must make a choice. Follow her heart, protect her friends and lose the life she’s built for herself or sit on the sidelines and watch someone else destroy it. The last thing she intends to do, is involve the one man who understands her, in a way no one has before. Because Robinson isn’t the type to walk away from a fight that matters. And she won’t stop looking for answers just because they aren’t readily available.
If only her feelings for the handsome Agent would disappear…
And his need for the Detective’s sassy comebacks, wasn’t so strong…
The clock wouldn’t be ticking. With innocent lives in the balance.

DISCONNECT Excerpt clip_image002 2015

Every muscle in Amanda’s body hummed with the aftershocks of a personal earthquake. Her left knee throbbed in angry protest as she threw her jeans over each leg. Dark spots swam before her eyes after she lifted her shirt over her head. She grabbed the rail of her bed and concentrated on breathing.

Robinson was right to think she might crack her head open in here alone. If the positions were reversed, she would have been just as hesitant to leave. However, the last thing she needed was either man rushing in to save the day with questions she couldn’t or wouldn’t answer.

As she pulled the bandage from her head, she could hear the hushed conversation of Eric and Robinson as if they’d moved away from her curtain. She jammed her feet into now scuffed shoes and peeked out of the opening. Both men stood near the nurse’s station ten feet from her makeshift room in the ER. Eric had both hands in the pockets of his black suit as he rocked back on his heels. Robinson leaned on a bent arm on the counter in front of him, his free hand running over his dark hair in frustration.

Eric shook his head to whatever Robinson had said. They both looked in the direction she now stood, Robinson’s crisp blue eyes lingering a moment longer than Eric’s, the intense flecks of green within them etched into her mind.

She stepped back from the curtain as if she were a child caught with her hand in the cookie jar before dinner. The erratic beat of her heart bounced through her veins, her cells holding tiny knifes all aimed at her brain.

Eric had appeared in the ER twenty minutes after McKenna called him, an unflapable air about him, as if seeing the wreck of today’s events in her eyes didn’t faze him.

Perhaps, it didn’t.

Robinson had known where she’d be, today. For sure, Beth. Maybe Eric, too. Anybody who would take out a portion of the city without remorse would surely make good on promises of retribution for broken confidences.

Anybody who knew things about her—things she hadn’t dared admit to herself, was dangerous. The cop in her knew silence never paid off. The witness almost always ended up dead anyway, voiding the idea that keeping secrets kept a person safe.

What was she supposed to do when all the people around her were either suspect or family?

Get out, now. Figure out the rest later.

Before she could talk herself out of it, she slid back the portion of her curtain opposite both men and stepped into the hallway. She didn’t spare a backward glance, but picked up her pace and maneuvered around the sea of people lining the hallways. A few nurses and a doctor buzzed from room to room, bed to bed, but nobody paid her any attention.

The image of the sparkling ring Eric had presented her, brought a tightness to her throat. A simple Princess cut diamond nestled in a channel setting, a glimmering beacon. To what?

I planned to wait until Christmas, but…

Didn’t it figure that Robinson would show up at that moment? Before she could hear any of Eric’s carefully prepared declarations. Would anything he said dispel the crushing anxiety that ring had conjured?

Heavy footsteps sounded behind her and had her quickening her pace. Each movement brought an increasing throb to her head. She reached the emergency room doors and exited.

Eric might not realize she’d disappeared for another ten minutes, but Robinson had a weird sixth sense about this type of thing. And if the reason he needed to borrow her hand anything to do with official FBI reasons, it wouldn’t be long before he tracked her down and cornered her.

She needed some answers of her own before that happened. Getting back to the Rainbow Cafe and retracing her steps was paramount to survival.

After that, she’d figure out where to stay and whom to trust from there.



Rachel lives in sunny California with her wonderful husband, adorable daughter, two unruly dogs, and a fat cat. She’s worked in the healthcare industry for over fifteen years and has loved the written word far longer. Football is one of her passions (SKOL VIKES!) and she considers August thru February to be a sacred holiday, where football rules all.
Spending time with her family, friends, reading and enjoying the outdoors are some her favorite hobbies. In the summer, you can find her by the pool, teaching her daughter to swim and enjoying her husband’s company.
Rachel is currently working on books 3 and 4 of The Bening Files, set for release in late 2015 and early 2016.

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  1. Connie Almony

    Y’all are sweet!

  2. Rachel Trautmiller

    Connie’s book are amazing, Ann! I agree with you there!

  3. Ann Ellison

    Looks like we do Connie. I enjoy your writing too.

  4. Connie Almony

    Ann, it seems you and I have the same taste in reading :)!!!

  5. Rachel Trautmiller

    Ann, my fingers, my brain (and my characters) are working furiously! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  6. Rachel Trautmiller

    Thanks so much for having me in IC today, Connie! I had such a blast!

  7. Ann Ellison

    Really enjoyed the interview. I have loved Rachel’s first two books and I am trying to patiently wait for the third one. (No pressure Rachel.)