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Monthly Archives: October 2015


  At my church, I’ve been privileged to participate in a prayer group. We specifically lift up to the Lord our nation week after week. We pray for the President, Vice President, the Speaker of the House, Congress, the state governors, city mayors, and on and on. I’m grateful God placed this venture on the … Continue reading »

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A Waste of Time

Janice reached across the front seat of the car for her daughter’s hand. “Let’s pray before we get on the road.” Kari scowled but plopped her hand in her mother’s and bowed her head. “Lord Jesus, we ask for Your protection as we travel to and from the city. Keep us safe today from any … Continue reading »

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Jennifer Slattery brings Tammy Kuhn from her newest novel, “Intertwined,” to IC Today

Jennifer Slattery is back and brought us another friend. Today we’re going to meet a character from her newest novel, Intertwined. Can’t wait to meet her. Tell us a little about yourself. You know, when Jennifer Slattery asked if she could share my story, I had no idea what all that would entail. I didn’t … Continue reading »

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We Are More Than Conquerers

    “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28. The church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, a horrendous, hateful crime, personified evil in action. And yet those godly people spoke to the alleged killer during … Continue reading »

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Rachel Trautmiller Brings Amanda and Robinson from “Aftermath” to IC Today!

Connie: Some of you may already know the wonderful, exciting Romantic Suspense author, Rachel Trautmiller, or at least the first two books of her series, The Bening Files—Linked and Disconnect. Very exciting stories!!! She is here today to give away one copy of her latest release, Aftermath, to one lucky commenter below (choice of Amazon … Continue reading »

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Is There Anything Good About Suffering?

    How could pain and suffering ever have a positive side? I find myself going to the doctor more and more these day. What’s good about that? My old clunker of a car broke down, and I don’t have enough money for a new one. I should be happy ? Now I made my … Continue reading »

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Vanessa’s Character Picks October 1, 2015

Here are some posts that caught the eyes of the IC characters roaming here: Asking for a Reference – or Not When Trying to Sound Intelligent Backfires Author Interview: Brooklyn June Miller Digest powered by RSS Digest

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