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The Glowing Poker

Posted by on April 4, 2016

As she climbed from Mrs. Dugan’s car, Kathy thought again of a comment the pastor had made that morning. Christ lives in us as we live in Him.

“Oh!” She’d almost forgotten her manners. “Thanks for giving me a ride to church.”

“You are welcome anytime, dear.”

As the car rolled away from the curb, Kathy waved then walked to the front door. In another year she’d be able to drive herself if her parents still wouldn’t come with her.

Christ lives in us as we live in Him.

For the hundredth time she wondered how it was possible. When she’d accepted Jesus as her Savior, she was told He now lived in her heart. But how could He be in her and she be in Him at the same time? Surely there was something she must do to be in Christ. What if she was only half a Christian?

More than anything, she wanted to win her parents to the Lord, and she felt this new truth was important for that purpose. Surely if she lived in Christ as He lived in her, she would be able to witness to them, and they would listen.

The aroma of roast beef simmering in potatoes and carrots drifted into the living room as she entered the house.

“Mom! Dad! I’m home.”

“Good.” Her mother’s voice reached her. “Hang up your coat before you wash your hands. Dinner is on the table.”

After they ate, Kathy joined her parents in the family room. A bright fire danced in the fireplace. Kathy sank to the floor and watched the red and orange flames as they licked greedily at the logs.

She turned to her parents. “Mom, can I fix some popcorn?”

Mom glanced toward Dad, and he smiled. “That sounds wonderful. Need any help?”

Kathy jumped to her feet. “No, I can do it.”

She stirred the wood first with the iron poker. Sparks flew as she pushed the pointed end against a log. It settled then and began to blaze. Instead of putting the poker away, she lay it down then reached for the long-handled popper. Soon the pops of exploding corn filled the room.

As the last popping sounds died away, Kathy noticed the pointed end of the poker, still lying in the fire, was glowing red. She bent and pulled it back from the fire but stopped, staring at it. Now she understood.

As the glowing-red fire was in the poker, so was Christ in her. In like manner, as the poker lay in the fire, so should she be in Christ. If she surrounded herself with the things of Christ, she would be in Him.

Kathy whispered, “Thank You, Jesus.”1-Circle of Vengeance Blog

She rose to share the popcorn and hopefully her new life in Christ with her parents.


I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live, yet not I, But Christ liveth in me. Galatians 2:20

One Response to The Glowing Poker

  1. June Foster

    Very nice excerpt, Mildred.