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Samples of short fiction

Smell the Roses

“Where’s my briefcase?” Sheri rushed from the bathroom and glanced at her roommate sitting on the sofa. Megan took another sip of coffee before pointing toward the door. “Right there.” “I’ve got a nine o’clock meeting with Mr. Harmon.” Sheri grabbed her case and pushed her sleeve back to check the time. “Slow down.” Megan … Continue reading »

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Three Broken Hearts

I borrowed the following story from a book I’m currently working on with the title, Three Broken Hearts. I hope you enjoy it. Three Broken Hearts June, 1899   Amy Roberts looked up from her sewing. The fact that Sara McCord, Kent’s daughter, sat on Amy’s horsehair sofa with her head bent over her work … Continue reading »

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Surely, I Can’t Do This

This is an excerpt from my current WIP, Morgana’s Saviour: Wind whistled through the leaves of the pippin apple trees. Limbs full of new buds and blossoms greeted Bradley Norton as he and Magnus streaked across the fields. He pulled his dapple grey mount to a stop and gazed upon the endless forest. A hint … Continue reading »

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With This Ring, I … What?—by Connie Almony

  Time for another Fiction Fun this week. I hope you enjoy my crack at the theme “Unusual Proposal.”  It was actually inspired by how my husband proposed to me. Leave a comment and see if you can guess which parts are true and which are the product my imagination.   With This Ring, I … Continue reading »

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An Unusual Proposal

We authors at Infinite Characters love our Fiction Fun series. I’m kicking off the first of our new topic – an unusual proposal. It’s so fun to see the individuality of this project – each author’s story different from the others.                                                                                                                            Bethany couldn’t miss Mark anymore than she did now. She longed … Continue reading »

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A Congrats and a Fiction Fun Retrospective

  A Congrats! First I wanted to congratulate our very own Mildred Colvin. Her recently published e-book, Love Returned, made the top 100 in Amazon’s Kindle Religious Fiction Romance category this week. It’s been as high as #12. Woohoo! Follow the link and download a copy for yourself! Fiction Fun Retrospective Every-other Friday we like … Continue reading »

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Meet My Husband – Almost

The vicar parted his dry thick lips and mumbled more blessings. Serendipity Hallows tugged on her bridal shawl and waited for his final words of escape, her last hope. The man cleared his throat. “If anyone has just cause why this couple should not wed, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.” Strangers … Continue reading »

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A Painted Man

Today we’re continuing the Fiction Fun theme, Unusual Meetings. Please comment at the bottom and tell us, would you date this man and why???? A Painted Man             Daniel glared at Craig as the side door to his brother’s Rancher-Style home opened. “Remind me why I’m doing this.” Craig widened the door to let him … Continue reading »

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Meeting in the Church – With a Gun?

Southwest Missouri, May 1898  Laurie Rains slipped into her coat and took the wet umbrella from the stand at the back door. A heavy weight of fear descended as she stepped off the back porch. They’d buried Joe today. She gave a harsh laugh. Her husband the outlaw. He’d never once earned an honest living, … Continue reading »

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An Autumn Meeting

We at Infinite Characters are beginning a new topic for Fiction Fun Friday today. Since we all love romance, we thought we’d write our scenarios about an unusual meeting for the hero and heroine. I volunteered to go first this time. My unusual meeting takes place in a graveyard and is based on an actual situation. … Continue reading »

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