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Meet Cody James of Tammy L. Gray’s Latest Novel—Sell Out

As an author, I sometimes write about college life for Christians. That time and place can be a rough one for many believers. However, the years before college have their own special challenges. In fact, I often tell my high-school-age daughter that if anyone ever wanted to torture me, they should just put me back … Continue reading »

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MaryLu Tyndall Invites Magnolia Scott from Elusive Hope to IC

MaryLu Tyndall has done it again. She’s coaxed another one of her characters out to for an interview. Today, we have Magnolia Scott (from the novel Elusive Hope) who sailed from the United States with Eliza Crawford some months ago. She’s come to—ahem—grace us with her extraordinary presence. Magnolia, thank you for coming today. … Continue reading »

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Writer As Creator

One of the amazing things about being a writer is how it gives one a glimpse of what it is like to be God. No, I do not have the power to alter realities … but I do have the power to alter “unrealities.” And oh what an exciting prospect. I can make new worlds … Continue reading »

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Welcome Tamara Leigh Back to IC for a Little Confab about Her New Release, “The Redeeming”

I am so glad to once again welcome Tamara Leigh to A veteran writer from both the general market and the traditional inspirational market, she’s going to tell us a little more about her most recent release from her Age of Faith series, The Redeeming. Tamara has also been gracious enough to offer not … Continue reading »

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IC Cafe Part Two – The Problem With Men

Rick here: “So you came back. You don’t look like you scare easy. If you missed part one of this sorry tale click here. The winner of a Starbuck’s gift certificate is Eliza E. Deanna Mundy wins an iTune card . Here’s looking at you kids. Ya, we told you only one prize, but the … Continue reading »

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Firethorn—A Review

Phew! <dramatic arm across brow> What a wild ride! I just read the final installment of Ronie Kendig’s Military Thriller Series, Discarded Heroes,and it was … well … thrilling. Firethorn starts off with the Nightshade team in shambles. Their headquarters, The Shack, is blown to smithereens, the team scattered by those who want to make … Continue reading »

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A Painted Man

Today we’re continuing the Fiction Fun theme, Unusual Meetings. Please comment at the bottom and tell us, would you date this man and why???? A Painted Man             Daniel glared at Craig as the side door to his brother’s Rancher-Style home opened. “Remind me why I’m doing this.” Craig widened the door to let him … Continue reading »

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A Doctor’s Folly–Wrong Kiss

Hello fellow fiction lovers. I hope you enjoyed our previous Fiction Fun theme “First Kiss Interrupted By and Animal.” Today, we are moving on to a new theme: “Wrong Kiss.” I hope you enjoy the story of Jeannette Weisman as she learns something new about the world around her. Tee hee hee.   A Doctor’s … Continue reading »

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First Kiss–Harold and Violet

Hi Readers! Welcome to our first Fiction Fun Theme. Fiction Fun is where the authors on this site are given a theme to write a scene of their own making. This is just a fun way to see how different each author can be when given similar ideas, as well as see what each author’s … Continue reading »

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