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Discerning God’s Will

“There are too many decisions.” Amy complained to her best friend. “I don’t think I can handle this.” “What?” Sophie’s eyebrows lifted. “Getting a job or going to school?” “Both!” Amy shoved her soft drink away and folded her arms. “And more. Where to live. Who to live with. Who should I date? What about … Continue reading »

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The Recent Supreme Court Decision

When I first heard the news, I felt compelled to start posting scripture after scripture on Facebook. It’s as if God’s word was the only hope I had. I began to grieve for my nation, knowing it would never be the same again. All day long, I only wanted to draw near to God and … Continue reading »

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No One Cares

Emma stepped out her back door and hoisted the sack of trash into the garbage bin. Sometimes she felt so alone. One day blended into the next with no one to care about her. She never went anywhere. Had even stopped going to church. What was the use? No one missed her or cared now … Continue reading »

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What Christina Taught Me

Years ago in my old church in El Paso, Texas, I became acquainted with a godly and faithful family who attended most every Sunday. The husband could always be found passing out bulletins and offering a smile to Sunday morning church goers as they strolled in. Most Sundays his wife attended as well, except when … Continue reading »

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Take Time for God

“Spend fifteen minutes each day with God this coming week.” The Sunday school teacher challenged her students. “When you first wake up, maybe even before you get dressed, take a few minutes reading Bible verses, listening to your favorite gospel or worship songs while you meditate on your Heavenly Father’s love, or turn to Him … Continue reading »

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I’ve Been There

“I’m here to listen, but if you don’t feel the need to talk, I understand.” Melanie set a cup of coffee on the table in front of her younger friend from church. She’d invited Stephanie to her house as an expression of friendship because she recognized the intense grief the other woman was going through … Continue reading »

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I Remembered You Oh God and I Groaned

I remembered You, O God and I groaned (Psalm 77:3, NIV) This is the favorite verse of the main character, Samantha Hart, in my latest novel, One Among Men. She got this verse from me. It was my first favorite and the very first I’d ever memorized when I began studying the Good Book in … Continue reading »

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Why I Created the Character “Preacher”

  One of the interesting things I’ve found since the release of One Among Men, is the almost universal regard of the 6’8” muscle-bound African-American dude-from-the-hood character nick-named Preacher. Many reviews state how they loved Chris and Samantha, the main characters … but they really loved Preacher. My sister, after having read the manuscript some … Continue reading »

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Do You Really Know How to Trust God?

      In lieu of making resolutions, every year around the first of January I ask God what I need to focus on for the next three hundred sixty five days. Most years I jot my goal down in my journal. This year, I sensed Him saying trust, trust, trust. For a control freak … Continue reading »

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Widows and Orphans

Ashley set the box of files on the table. Why did every project she tackled take so long? Maybe because you put things off until they grow out of proportion. Her inner voice mocked, but she had to agree. Her life was entirely too busy. With a sigh, she pulled out the first folder and … Continue reading »

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