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Camy Tang on Writing, Independent Publishing and Knitting

It’s always so wonderful to have an author back on IC for a second visit. Mostly because it means I haven’t offended her yet ;o). Which is why I am excited to have Camy Tang here today to add some insight to the worlds of writing, independent publishing and, yes, knitting. Camy, thank you for … Continue reading »

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Getting into Character or At Least into Her Corset: Part 1

Vanessa here, I don’t have to tell you how much I love the Regency. If you don’t know, please check out my website, my fan page on Facebook,, my Youtube Channel, . Or read my debut Regency, Madeline’s Protector.  I think you’ll get the point. With the Beau Monde (a Specialty RWA … Continue reading »

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An Interview with Our Very Own Vanessa Riley

Last week you got a taste of the characters from Vanessa Riley’s debut release, Madeline’s Protector. Today, I’m going to interrogate—I mean interview—our blog-mate a little more, so we can learn about the woman behind the characters. Vanessa is also giving away one free ebook copy of her novel to a lucky commenter. See details … Continue reading »

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Writing for Harlequin Heartsong – Laurie Alice Eakes

Writing for Harlequin excites me. Yes, it’s a huge, secular company, and it is also the books I have read pretty much since I discovered romances. Many authors I adore started writing for Harlequin and some still do. So, though I love the people at Barbour Publishing, I was happy that Harlequin bought the Heartsong … Continue reading »

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Surely, I Can’t Do This

This is an excerpt from my current WIP, Morgana’s Saviour: Wind whistled through the leaves of the pippin apple trees. Limbs full of new buds and blossoms greeted Bradley Norton as he and Magnus streaked across the fields. He pulled his dapple grey mount to a stop and gazed upon the endless forest. A hint … Continue reading »

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Meet My Husband – Almost

The vicar parted his dry thick lips and mumbled more blessings. Serendipity Hallows tugged on her bridal shawl and waited for his final words of escape, her last hope. The man cleared his throat. “If anyone has just cause why this couple should not wed, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.” Strangers … Continue reading »

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One Rooster Too Many

The rooster charged Diana Tedlock again. This time she dipped her hand in the bucket of feed and pelted him with precious grit. It screeched and whipped its beak, but retreated. “Go on you crazed thing, before you end up in my pot for supper.” She’d figure out how to replace the lost corn and … Continue reading »

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