What Inspired The Novel “Flee from Evil” by Connie Almony

What inspired the novel Flee from Evil, you ask? Though it is not actually a long story, it was long in the making. Let me tell you about it … Around 20 years ago I watched Mel Gibson play a character who rescued his son from kidnappers when law enforcement could no longer help him. … Continue reading »

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Meet Cody James of Tammy L. Gray’s Latest Novel—Sell Out

As an author, I sometimes write about college life for Christians. That time and place can be a rough one for many believers. However, the years before college have their own special challenges. In fact, I often tell my high-school-age daughter that if anyone ever wanted to torture me, they should just put me back … Continue reading »

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Nadine Brandes Talks about “A Time to Die”

I e-met my next guest, Nadine Brandes, as a newbie writer on the ACFW Critique Loop. I loved her writing so much, not to mention the suggestions she had for mine, I begged her to join my first critique group. She’s been on this blog before, telling us about her editorial services—which I’ve gratefully used—but … Continue reading »

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Nicole Quigley on “Like Moonlight at Low Tide”

Nicole Quigley and I met over a year ago at the ACFW Conference in St. Louis. I’m so glad for this Creator-appointed connection, because I keep saying I’m going to stop reading YA and focus on “grown-up” books. So had I not met Nicole, I might not have read her debut novel, Like Moonlight at … Continue reading »

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Clicks, Hicks and Ugly Sticks—A Review

Cliques, Hicks and Ugly Sticks, by K.D. Mc Crite is the second in the Confessions of April Graceseries about a middle-school girl traversing the difficult years between elementary and high school. She must deal with a variety of challenges, including a snooty neighbor who moves in with April’s family, an old friend who is now … Continue reading »

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