Hope for the Christian in Today’s World

  Homosexual marriage legalized, unrestrained riots destroying businesses and neighborhoods, millions of babies slaughtered—just a portion of the events that characterize today’s world. Who knew our country would fall this far? As a Christian, it’s scary to live in a society that holds dear the opposite of what our precious Lord teaches us in the … Continue reading »

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Christmas is just past, but the memories are dear. We enjoyed our children and grandchildren so much as they all came to spread their love through our home for a few days. The gifts and food we shared were nice, but the presence of family is what we’ll remember throughout the new year. I hope … Continue reading »

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The Christmas of 1973

    Okay, I know some people reading this are too young to remember that year, but the time came to mind right away when I searched  my memory for a unforgettable Christmas.   When I was a child, Christmas always centered around my mother, her incredible plans for the holidays, her yummy recipes, exciting … Continue reading »

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Receiving that Rejection Letter

      One of the hardest things I’ve had to learn since I started writing books was to deal with rejections. A manuscript is a writer’s “baby,” and we all know how our children or grandchildren are simply the cutest in the whole world. When the “no’s” came rolling in at first, I felt … Continue reading »

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Getting Old

      A decade ago, my husband and I worked in an independent living facility for seniors who didn’t care to live on their own. I met a lot of remarkable people during our short stint there, and I discovered some thought-provoking information. Some of the residents wore a scowl on their face most … Continue reading »

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Sh-h-h, Can You Hear Me?

“Children! Listen to me!” Sally stood in the midst of twenty kindergartners trying to raise her voice above theirs only to be ignored. Sure, they were having their first party of the school year and everyone was excited, but at this rate, her first year of teaching would soon end. “Sh-h-h, can you hear me?” … Continue reading »

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Hope Shines Anew

Thomas guided his car down the highway to the larger neighboring town where he could shop for a faucet that would fit his bathroom sink. “You’d think Anthon’s Hardware would have a few things worth crossing their door for. But if it isn’t what every other person in town needs, they don’t carry it.” His … Continue reading »

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Computer Problems

    A while back my computer became quite ill. It refused to “save” my documents and wavy lines streaked across the screen. It’s cry for help warned me of the need for a doctor. So, limping along because of my lack of technical knowledge, I decided to call Microsoft. Unfortunately, I clicked on the … Continue reading »

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Jennifer Slattery brings Tammy Kuhn from her newest novel, “Intertwined,” to IC Today

Jennifer Slattery is back and brought us another friend. Today we’re going to meet a character from her newest novel, Intertwined. Can’t wait to meet her. Tell us a little about yourself. You know, when Jennifer Slattery asked if she could share my story, I had no idea what all that would entail. I didn’t … Continue reading »

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Rachel Trautmiller Brings Amanda and Robinson from “Aftermath” to IC Today!

Connie: Some of you may already know the wonderful, exciting Romantic Suspense author, Rachel Trautmiller, or at least the first two books of her series, The Bening Files—Linked and Disconnect. Very exciting stories!!! She is here today to give away one copy of her latest release, Aftermath, to one lucky commenter below (choice of Amazon … Continue reading »

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