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I was born a poor … Oh, no–that was someone else. Really, I’m just a suburb gal from the Baltimore-Washington megalopolis. And that’s what I write about, a diverse population which is truly, and beautifully, colorful.

I was trained as a mental health counselor, but don’t hold that against me. Though this training helps me delve into the motivations that drive my characters, I promise I won’t therapize you. (Note to editor-types: I already know “therapize” is not a word. Hey! Seuss had his own dictionary.)

And yes, the rumors are true, while working on my master’s degree in counseling I did really live in an all10815760_10202882230232607_619699884_n-male college dorm. I was the “guy” hired to keep the residents in line. Not an easy feat considering one of the three buildings I ran was THE party dorm, seconded by the building I lived in. Woohoo (Ugh!). The residents were proud of their one female and took good care of me. Ha! You could imagine how this experience may have inspired a novel—so I wrote one. One Among Men is available now, so go check it out. I have two more  books from this series (and a spin-off) in the works. I hope to release them to you over the next few months.

Dark Forest--Final CoverYou can also check out my previous release (March 2014), At the Edge of a Dark Forest, a modern-day retelling of Beauty and the Beast, about a disabled vet with PTSD. See the “Fairwilde Reflections” tab above for details.

My favorite thing to do is shovel popcorn in my mouth while blinking at the tube. On occasion, I’ll even turn it on. No really, what’s on T.V. anyway? Reality shows. Got enough reality at home, thank-you-very-much! So instead, I prefer to listen to awesome Christian Contemporary music (like Third Day and NeedtoBreathe) and read great stories with colorful characters and spend time with my adoring family. Ha! You can see them at my feet now, can’t you? I love to brainstorm with my thirteen-year-old daughter, whose current passion is art, and share peaceful moments with my sixteen-year-old son (who’s like a strong calm in a storm).

The bantering style of my characters is inspired by my husband’s deep love of mischief, particularly that which craves a sharp response. Still, I love him anyway … which covers a multitude of sins. Been married almost twenty years, each one better than the one before!!! Fer real!!!

Please no “Excessive use of exclamation points” violations from you editor-types. Just want to love my hubby with all I got …  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You can find me all over the web. If you want specifics, start here:

My Connie Almony author website

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