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Fairwilde Reflections

Coming Soon …

Fairytales like you’ve never seen them before

 At the EDark Forest--Final Coverdge of a Dark Forest, by Connie Almony–March 2014

Carly Rose contracts to live with Cole Harrison, an Iraq war vet, to train him how to use her new prototype prosthetics, only to discover the darkness that wars against the man he could become. At the Edge of a Dark Forest is a modern-day retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Only it is not her love that will make him whole.

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Red and the WJuneFairTaleLRolf, by June Foster–March 2014

Newspaper reporter Lilly Red Hood forgot her dinner date with Handsome Hunter Woods, thanks to ADD she’s had since childhood. In Hunter’s absence, fellow reporter Wolf Skinner moves in with less than honorable intentions. When Lilly gets lost in the Alabama forest, which of these men will be her hero?

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Mirror Mirror, by Mildred Colvin–Coming Soon

Can anything else go wrong? Sonya White’s beloved stepmother has cancer, she is told Eric Price, the man she loves is after her family’s money, then it appears someone wants her dead. She runs—right into the enemy’s clutches.


MountaJackcover two bestin of Love and Danger, by Gail Palotta–Coming Soon

Jack Greenthumb’s having fun—a different day—a different girl. Then his dad’s farm’s destroyed; the girl he really loves, kidnapped. Thrust into manhood and bravery, Jack spies on criminals, scales a treacherous mountain and confronts a giant to set things right before everything’s ruined.


Swept Away, by Vanessa Riley–Coming Soon

Charlotte Downing, the Duchess of Charming, wants what she wants. Today, it’s a fine pair of lacy slippers crafted by the renowned Ella’s Establishment, but the conservative proprietor, Edwin Cinder, has rejected her offer. When a London gale crashes ceilings and traps the two, will hearts change and opposites work together for survival?

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