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June Foster is a mother, a grandmother, and retired teacher with a BA in Education and an MA in counseling. She travels with her husband, Joe in their RV, though now they’ve moved into a new home in Alabama and are loving the south. June is a member of ACFW and participates in two scribes groups with the organization.


June had only written academically until she retired. She discovered a story lurking in her head and happened to tell her daughter about it. Her daughter encouraged her to write it. That was the spark she needed. Today, she writes inspirational romance and received her first contract with Desert Breeze Publishing in September 2011. She loves to write stories about flawed characters who find freedom through the Word and the power of God.


Holly Harrison would do anything to reverse the outcome

of that summer night years ago during her college days.

Now Jess Colton can’t control his addiction. Against all odds,

they fall in love, but will their romance survive?

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Max always knew he was adopted. But why did his mother try to hide the truth about his birthmother from him?  When Lynn Marshall, the beautiful research analyst, discovers the key to his past, he walks away from her and his God.


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As We Forgive – September 1, 2012

As We Forgive: Pastor Tim Garrett must learn to manage his angry outbursts, or he could lose it all – his job as a youth pastor and the woman he loves. Roxanne Ratner can’t fall back on old habits of holding on to a guy. After she tempts Tim to sin, she seeks his forgiveness. Can God cool Tim’s angry heart and teach Roxanne true beauty lies within?


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The college man who coaxed Jillian Coleman upstairs that night is no more than a blur in her memory, but the consequences would haunt her forever. Ten years later, Riley Mathis can’t tell Jillian he’s the father of the child she aborted. The truth would destroy them.


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Ryan's Father


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Ryan Reid is a first-grade teacher and a Christian with a heart for neglected kids, but a chance encounter during an earthquake with Sandy Arrington, a beautiful young nurse, rocks Ryan’s carefully guarded world and unearths the secret he has held deep in his heart. Though Sandy falls in love with him, Ryan’s forbidden affections lie elsewhere, and he must depend on the Lord to see him through a battle he always hoped he’d never have to face.





JuneFairTaleHD Newspaper reporter Lilly Red Hood forgot her dinner date with handsome Hunter Woods, thanks to ADD she’s had since childhood. In Hunter’s absence fellow reporter Wolf Skinner moves in with less than honorable intentions. When Lilly gets lost in the Alabama forest, which of these gentlemen will be her hero?

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