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Mildred blog

Note from Mildred – April 10, 2016

Flowered trees decorate the view through my office window. How nice is that? Especially since I need the beauty and serenity of God’s work as I try to write for Him. I’m nearing publication of a really fun book about a mail-order bride who ends up in a shotgun wedding to the man she’s fallen in love with. He loves her too, but they sure didn’t intend to be forced to marry.

Mail-Order Shotgun Wedding is the first in a series of five stories set on a Texas ranch in the late 1800s. Will Logan has been given about three months to live, and he wants to see his three sons married before Christmas. Four authors take these young men on a wild ride as they fight the constricting orders of their father to marry within three months. Complications occur as two brides arrive for three men, then two more girls make the journey to find there’s only one son left.

You’ll enjoy reading these five novellas as if they are one longer book to find out what happens to the Logan family as they try to get Able, Joshua, and Zack Logan married against their will. It’s a fun read! Mail-Order Shotgun Wedding comes first and is available mid-April 2016.

Until next time, may God’s blessings be yours!

Thanks so much for stopping by.


Mildred Colvin is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and is active in a very special critique group. She is also active in her church and enjoys special times with her husband, children, and grandchildren. Her hobbies, when she has time, include quilting, photography, and gardening. Of course, reading is more than a hobby. It’s a way of life.

Mildred has been writing sweet inspirational romance since 2001, and is an award-winning author of over thirty novels in both historical and contemporary themes, including three compilations, and one audio book.

You can find Mildred’s latest e-books on Amazon, SmashWords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo as well as other online bookstores.

Here are some of Mildred’s books:

Love-Scarred Hands – Hands of Love – Book 3

Available now! Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, Kobo, IBooks

3-LoveScarred_HandsbWas she a mail-order bride or the ill-gotten prize of a gambler?

Rose O’Brien lost her family during the potato famine in Ireland–all except her older brother who lived in America. She’d resigned herself to marry a man she didn’t love, until an unexpected letter came from across the seas, and she fell in love with a man she’d never met.

Thomas Atwood, rebellious, intelligent, and arrogant, couldn’t resist besting his friend in a wager for a girl he didn’t know. He boasted he could win her hand in marriage within eighteen months through his letters alone. He didn’t know winning would cost him his heart.

Can a woman love a man so much he becomes her idol? Rose must make a choice when, more than anything, she wants both her husband and her heavenly Father, even if the cost is her life.

2-Through the Valley blogThrough the Valley – Hands of Love – Book 2

Available now! Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, Kobo, IBooks

Hannah and Gus’s story continues as they move south to Iowa where they build their own farm. There Hannah battles fear and loneliness on the prairie until neighbors begin moving in. Still, she finds it hard to trust God especially when Gus becomes a conductor on the Underground Railroad. Fear of him being caught paralyzes her. But one night a special passenger stays with them and Hannah begins taking part in Gus’s efforts to help runaway slaves. Still, her fears rule her life until another night Gus is called away not long before she goes into labor with their 5th child. With no way to get help she turns to the Lord not knowing if she will have to deliver her baby alone with her young sons the only help available.
1-Awakening Joy -blog

Awakening Joy – Hands of Love – Book 1

Available now! Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, Kobo, IBooks

“This is the man I will marry.” Hannah Zorn falls in love at first sight but must compete with her twin sister to win Gus Rohmeier’s heart. Little does she know how devious her sister can be or what she’ll have to do to fight back.

3-Joanna's Adventure blogJoanna’s Adventure – Prairie Hearts – Book 3

Available now! Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, Kobo, IBooks 

Does God answer prayer?
Joanna Brady believes He does, so when she asks God to send some adventure her way, she expects her boring predictable life to become a bit more exciting. But she doesn’t expect Clay Shepherd, the most exciting boy she’s ever known, to show up without warning and teach her a lesson.

Clay Shepherd followed his father from one ranch to another, never putting down roots. Only once, when he was in eighth grade, did his dad stay a whole year in one place. There Clay caught a glimpse of what a real family might be. The doctor’s wife was the closest to a mother he’d ever known. Joanna Brady, the doctor’s daughter, has never left his mind even years later. So when he rescues an orphan baby, he knows just the place to take him.

When Clay’s past threatens Joanna’s safety, he knows he can’t stay any longer. Is Clay the answer to her prayer or is he more dangerous than even her adventurous spirit can handle?

2-Mariah's Hope blogMariah’s Hope – Prairie Hearts – Book 2

Available now! Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, KOBO, IBooks

In Ohio, Mariah Casey faces a bleak future until she receives a letter from Cedar Bend, Kansas, offering her the position of teaching school. After living a life without love, her only prayer is for God to send her someone to love who will love her in return. For the first time in her life, she finds friendship in Kansas with a younger woman, Joanna Brady. Then, she discovers the love of family, the love of a mother for her child, and finally the love between man and woman. God gives her more than she could have dreamed to ask for. But will He take it away as quickly?

Sherman Butler sees beyond the no-nonsense clothing and hairstyle of the town’s new teacher to the beautiful and loving woman inside. But when his newly married daughter clashes with the woman he’s come to love, his heart is torn between Mariah and his only child.

Can these wounded hearts find their way home?

1-Circle of Vengeance BlogCircle of Vengeance – Prairie Hearts – Book 1

Available now! Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, Kobo, IBooks

When a handsome drifter rescues Carrie Butler from her runaway buggy, she things he is the fulfillment of all her dreams. But is John Thornton really the “mysterious stranger” Carrie has looked for so long? Or does his sudden appearance have a darker purpose? The foreman of the Circle C Ranch wonders about his interest in the old Nolan place. When Carrie begins to ask questions about the burned-out Nolan homestead, people change the subject. What secrets are buried there? Carrie’s life is changing, but is it or good or evil? Will John Thornton bring love to her heart or will he destroy her family?

Laurie and the Lawman blog

Laurie and the Lawman – Outlaw Gold  – Book 2

Available now! Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, Kobo, Ibooks

Can a Lawman fall in love with an outlaw’s widow?

After burying her outlaw husband, Laurie Rains learns he may have hidden two bags of gold on their farm. In search of more than her past life of shame, she dares to enter an empty church only to stumble over an injured lawman taking refuge inside. Going against everything she’s been taught, she nurses the marshal back to health, protects him from her former brother-in-law, and gradually falls in love for the first time. But will loving a lawman be so different from marriage to an outlaw when the marshal gets what he came for and leaves?

Seth Collins, U. S. Deputy Marshal, is ambushed while on the trail of the outlaw he hopes will lead him to his elusive partner in crime and the stolen gold. He’s eager to make the arrests, but must wait for the right timing while he works as Laurie’s hired hand. His respect for Laurie turns into love, but convincing her of his love and respect, and that he’s ready to take root on her farm, may be harder than finishing his assignment and living to tell of it.


1-3-Searching for Treasure blog

Searching for Treasure-Second Chance Love-Book 3

Available now! Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, Kobo, IBooks

Why would anyone kill Grandma?

That’s what Kate Wood wants to know. The police say grandma fell and hit her head, but too many clues lead Kate to believe otherwise. And speaking of clues, Kate’s mystery-loving Grandmother has left her a treasure hunt contained right inside the old farmhouse Grandma may have given her life to save for Kate. Thankfully, Kate has a detective friend to help her untangle Grandma’s death and her last message.

Vince Rosenbaum remembers the dates he and Kate shared when they were barely out of high school, but he isn’t about to get emotionally involved with any woman. Loving and losing seems to be the curse of his life, and he’s had enough pain for one lifetime. Still, he can’t say no when Kate needs his help. Finding the family treasures and clues Grandma left is fun, but when Kate ends up in the hands of the killer, Vince realizes how much she’s come to mean to him. Once more, he’s faced with losing someone he loves. Only this time, he’s determined to save Kate then make her his forever.


Silver 1-1-Silver Lining BlogLining – Mail-order Brides

146 pages Historical Christian Romance at Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, IBooks – $0.99

Abducted by White Slavers! Danya Morrison escapes, but fearing to return to her boarding house, she answers an ad in a discarded newspaper and leaves New York City, for the plains of Kansas. Surely even marriage to a man she’s never met would be better than the danger awaiting her in the city.

Matthew Turner hasn’t told his family and friends what happened to him in the city three years ago. They don’t tell him they’ve ordered a mail-order bride for him until she arrives without warning. Matt might not object to their surprise except one of the things he hasn’t mentioned is enough to keep him from ever finding happiness in marriage.

He can’t marry Danya, and she can’t go back. Maybe God has a plan even when their problems seem beyond solving.


Mildred_fairytale_Mirror on the Fall – a Fairwilde Reflections Romance

115 pages Contemporary Christian Romance and Fairy tale remake at Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, IBooks – $0.99

Paperback – $5.99

Sonya White’s world crashes as one disaster after another befalls her. Her stepmother has cancer, and her childhood friend begins making unwanted advances. Then she catches the man she loves kissing another girl. As if that isn’t enough, a caped figure makes three attempts on her life, and she’s forced to run to the safety of a family of sibling acrobats.

Is Sonya living a fairytale life? If so, will her prince rescue her and pledge his faithfulness forever? Or will she always be on the run, not knowing who is trying to kill her.

This Fairy Tale remake is slanted toward young adult readers as well as those who enjoy contemporary Christian romance and Christian suspense.

Two Lonely Hearts – in Warsaw, MO – Book 2

172 pages Historical Christian Romance – in e-book at Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, IBooks – $2.99

Paperback – $8.99

Robert Hoyt has just learned he was adopted. In a desperate attempt to find out about his background, Robert heads to Kansas City and the orphanage he hopes will have answers. There, he meets another orphan, a six-year-old boy who stows away on the train and claims Robert is his daddy. As little Sammy collects relatives, he leads Robert on a merry chase through Warsaw, Missouri, as their lives become entwined with Sammy’s schoolteacher.Juliann Farrar has taught in the little country schoolhouse near her farm since her husband died on their wedding day. She loves her life except for the loneliness. But Juliann doesn’t want to lose another husband, and although she’s falling in love with both Robert and Sammy, there’s the matter of Robert’s adoptive father who is determined to see Robert and his birthfather dead.Can she love another man only to lose him?

1b2-Marrying for the Child blogMarrying for the Child – Second Chance Love – Book 2

81,000 words Contemporary – in e-book at Barnes and NobleAmazon and Smashwords, Kobo, IBooks –  $2.99, Paperback $9.99

She’s been given an impossible assignment.

When Nicole Anderson returns to Pleasant Spring, Missouri, she becomes entangled in a plan to reunite a mother and son after 20 years of separation. To do that, Nicole becomes nanny to an adorable two-year-old girl and falls in love with her old high school crush.

Drew Carlson takes on the job of raising his best friend’s daughter, and he needs help fast. When Nicole applies, he hires her on the spot, never suspecting she has ulterior motives Even her questions about his birthmother don’t tip him off. He doesn’t like talking about the woman who rejected him when he was a child. She’s the last person he’d want to meet. Then he falls in love with Nicole but walks away from their wedding reception when he comes face-to-face with his birthmother.

Can Nicole win Drew’s love again when he thinks she betrayed him?

1a1-Winning Kasi's Love blogWinning Kasi’s Love – Second Chance Love – Book 1

66,000 words Contemporary – Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Amazon, IBooks $0.99, Paperback $8.99

Sometimes our past interferes with our present.

Kasi Davis has loved Travis Harris since she was too young for him to notice. Then she made a mistake and thought she had to marry Jake Ziliki. Now she blames herself for Jake’s death and feels unworthy of Travis.

Travis Harris loved Kasi from the start, but how can he convince her? And how can he stop seeing Jake every time he looks at Kasi’s son?

Love's Forgiveness blog

Love’s Forgiveness – Oregon Trail – Book 3

65,000 words Historical

Available Now! AmazonSmashwords, B&N, KoboIBooks – $2.99, Paperback – $8.99

Can she give her heart to the man who Killed her husband?

Abigail Marshall only wants to be left alone in the log cabin Jacob built, but everyone says she should marry again.

Clay Monroe blames himself for Jacob’s death, so he encourages another man to marry Abigail then realizes he’s just made the biggest mistake of his life, because somehow he’s fallen in love with Abigail.

Better Than Gold – Love on the Range – Book 1

72,000 words Contemporary – $2.99 at Smashwords, Amazon, B&NIBooks, Kobo

In paperback – $8.99

She inherited half the ranch and had to stay.

Allison grew up with stories of her grandfather’s cruelty. How the rich old man refused to help her mother, his only daughter, and that he had no interest in meeting his three grandchildren. Now, Allison’s living on his ranch and everyone in Oklahoma seems to think he could do no wrong. If she stays one year, she’ll own half the ranch worth three million dollars. If she leaves, everything goes to Daniel Sterns, the boy her grandfather took in and treated as his grandson while he turned his back on his real grandchildren.

Daniel Sterns owes his life to Allison’s grandfather. He took him in and treated him like family. He wants to continue the favor by opening the ranch to boys in need. Allison doesn’t approve, but in spite of her attitude and confusion, he’s drawn to her and wonders if sharing the ranch wouldn’t be better if they merge not only the ranch, but their lives as husband and wife. Now, if only he can convince her.

The Preacher’s Outlaw Bride – Orphan Train Brides – Book 1

72,000 words  in AmazonSmashwords, B&n, Kobo, IBooks – $0.99

Also in paperback – $9.99

A pretend wedding gives eight-year-old KodyAnne the assurance that even the Orphan Train cannot separate her from Michael forever. Their love transcends time until her father, a banker, and a sheriff change their lives.

With her father dead and her brother a wanted man, KodyAnne brings her younger sister to Willow Springs where she discovers Michael is the pastor of the only church. She has never stopped loving him, but is convinced he doesn’t care the same for her and determines she will not allow him to give up his freedom for her a second time. She must get possession of her family’s lockbox, but the bank won’t give it to her. She has two choices, wait for the court system she believes is corrupt to get it for her or enter the bank after hours and take it. She decides there is only one choice.

Michael, the local minister, has loved KodyAnne since before they rode the Orphan Train together years ago. He feels manipulated by her father’s deathbed request that he marry her, but sets his feelings aside only to have her reject his proposal. Now, he’s determined to change her mind, but outlaws threaten her family, and a treasure hunt threatens the very basis of their relationship until Michael wonders if their love is strong enough to endure.


Connie and the Cowboy – Outlaw Gold – Book 1

80,000 words

Available Now! AmazonSmashwords, B&NIBooks, Kobo – $2.99

Also in paperback – $9.99

Born in a brothel! Raised by an outlaw! Under the roof of a lecherous uncle! Connie longs to escape.

Connie didn’t have a last name, but figured Davis would do since he was the closest to a daddy she’d ever had. Davis left his outlaw gold for her in a cave outside Springfield, Missouri. Only problem is, a girl alone can get lost crossing the Arkansas hills and forests when she doesn’t know the way. Then her sheriff uncle arrests a handsome fellow from Missouri. He’s gonna hang for murder, but that doesn’t stop Connie.

Brett Norris has never been in so much trouble. He wasn’t even with the bank robbers, but looks like he’ll swing, anyway. Then the sheriff’s niece takes him from jail at gunpoint, and he soon learns she isn’t a twelve-year-old child like he thought. He can’t take an enticing young woman across Arkansas alone, but every time he tries to leave her with a good family, their lives become even more entangled until he faces a shotgun and a preacher.

So begins the adventures of Connie Davis and Brett Norris.


Mama’s Bible – Oregon Trail – Book 1

54,000 words  Kobo, Barnes & NobleAmazon, Smashwords, IBooks – $0.99

Also in paperback – $7.99

Running from the Law. Leaving everything behind. What more is there to lose?

Katie Donovan soon learns she has much to lose, but even more to gain on the long journey to Oregon in 1850.

Two men vie for Katie’s affection. Clay Monroe is ready to marry and vows he will win Katie’s heart before they reach Oregon. His proposal has her head and her heart spinning.

Jason Barnett is attracted to Katie, but her rebellion against God keeps him from pursuing her. As he grows closer to her and her family, can he turn away once they reach the land of their dreams?

Cross the wilderness with Katie as she travels The Oregon Trail.

Home’s Promise – Oregon Trail – Book 2

65,000 words in Kobo, Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords, IBooks – $2.99

Also in paperback – $8.99

 Rachel Morgan is ready for marriage to Tommy Donovan. She’s loved him from the first when they met on the Oregon Trail. Now they’ve arrived in Oregon, and with Katie and Jason settling into their new home, Rachel wants the same thing. But just as her engagement was a long time coming, it seems their wedding day must also be delayed. Should she use the attractive new neighbor’s interest in her to make Tommy jealous? If he doesn’t stop talking about the wonderful, perfect Miss Preston, a girl he’s met in town, then maybe she will!

Tommy Donovan loves Rachel. He fought their attraction on the trail, but now that she’s agreed to marry him, he wants to make her his bride. But something is holding him back. Is it, as he tells her, his ministry to the Indians? Or does he still harbor deeply buried resentment toward the very people he’s trying to win for the Lord?

 Revisit Rachel and Katie as they settle into their new home at the end of the Oregon Trail.

This Child Is Mine – Kansas City Romance – Book 1

55,000 words at AmazonSmashwords, B&NIBooks, Kobo – $0.99

Also in paperback – $7.99

How would you feel if you discovered your eighteen-month-old daughter was not really your child?

Beth Carter is afraid Stevie may have inherited diabetes from her father, but the blood test comes back negative. She rejoices until she sees the hospital has apparently made a mistake in recording Stevie’s blood type. A second test brings to light that Stevie cannot be her biological child. Where, then, is her baby?

Jonathan McDuff, at first, doesn’t believe that his beloved baby, Lexie, isn’t his birth daughter. Then he determines to have both children in his home. Since Mrs. Carter won’t give Stevie up without a legal battle, he comes up with a plan. He’ll give her the care of both children as long as they all remain under his roof.

An impossible situation, but with God’s help, healing and love may win over heartbreak and loss. Babies switched at birth.

Making Things Right – Kansas City Romance – Book 2

58,000 words at AmazonSmashwords, B&N, Kobo, IBooks – $2.99

Also in paperback – $7.99

Lori and Ron can’t seem to agree on the important things in life, such as Ron’s hobby. At least that’s what Lori calls his fledgling photography-business-on-the-side. So Ron takes his camera, walks out, and gets a divorce. Two years later Lori attends a wedding as the matron of honor only to find Ron is the hired photographer. He now has his own successful studio.

She would say good for him and leave it at that, but his sister is dying of cancer and asks her to move into her mansion and be her nurse for her remaining days. Lori can’t say no, not even when the job includes a large inheritance—and a small one. Ron’s three-year-old niece will need a new mother, and his sister picks Lori for the job. But not if he can help it!

Coming Soon!

Three Broken Hearts – Kansas City Romance – Book 3

64,000 words at AmazonSmashwords, B&N, Kobo, IBooks – $2.99

Also in paperback – $8.99

Ron’s friend, Kent McCord, builds houses. He’s started a new housing project and needs an interior designer for the model homes. AmyRoberts and her partner seem perfect for the job. In fact, Amy holds more appeal than only her expertise in design. They could easily fall in love and get married, except for one thing. Kent’s preteen daughter, Sierra, doesn’t want Amy for a step-mother. She wants her dad to marry her mother’s identical twin sister so she can feel she has her mother back.


Cora’s Deception – Brides of Cedar Creek – Book 1

85,000 words at AmazonSmashwords, B&N, Kobo, IBooks – $2.99 Currently FREE

Also in paperback – $9.99

It’s 1833 Missouri, but Cora has no intention of losing herself on a prairie where the nearest neighbor is two miles away. Her city beau, George Merrill, promises to rescue her, and she eagerly watches for him. Then she meets Aaron Stark, a neighbor who intrigues her and soon sets her heart pounding.

Before long, betrayal, abandonment, and a brush with death shake Cora’s beliefs. Although she’s changed and can never return to the safe deceptions of her childhood, she still clings to them, wanting to believe what is easier than truth. Love for Aaron grows in the midst of Cora’s turmoil, bringing safety and an anchor to her life—until George shows up.

Aaron Stark falls in love when he first sees Cora emerge from a hollowed sycamore tree after a blizzard. She’ll never love him. He can’t read nor write, and he ain’t nothin’ but a dirt-poor farmer. He no sooner wins Cora’s hand when her old beau steps between them with convincing words. How’s a feller supposed to know what to believe when everything points one way?

Lies—easier to believe than truth.

Eliza’s Mistake – Brides of Cedar Creek – Book 2

80,000 words at AmazonSmashwords, B&N, Kobo, IBooks – $2.99

Also in paperback – $9.99

Still grieving the loss of her mother, in 1836 Springfield, Missouri, Eliza Jackson tries to keep her father from one woman by introducing him to another. Her father’s employee, James Hurley, delights in tormenting her, and she resists her attraction to him. One broken heart is enough for her.

James Hurley falls for Eliza but can’t get past her prickly attitude. He finally wins her affection, then someone tells her he’s been paid to court her. She turns to Trennen Von Hall, a young man of questionable intentions. But there’s nothing James can do if Eliza won’t listen to him.

When James believes all is lost and Eliza is ready to give up, she makes her biggest mistake yet. That one night changes her life as well as others. Yet out of the darkness comes good. Out of confusion comes a second chance.

Sometimes plans go wrong.

Rebekah’s Scorn – Brides of Cedar Creek – Book 3

73,000 words – at Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, Kobo, IBooks – $2.99

Also in paperback – $9.99

When Rebekah Newkirk’s fiancé runs away with another woman, her pride is hurt more than her heart. After being told once too often that everything will work out in God’s time as He brings her and the right man together, she decides to take matters into her own hands. If romantic love is real, it isn’t for her. She’ll find a man to marry all right, but love will not be a motivating factor. The man she needs only has to be God-fearing, not homely or dirty in his ways, and he must be of even temper. How simple is that?

Timothy Donovan, pastor of the church, has practically adopted Rebekah’s family as his own since he started the church three years before. He is skeptical of Rebekah’s plans and concerned, but when she attracts a worthy man, Timothy decides her plan might have merit and begins his own search for a wife. Only problem is, if true love is only an illusion, why does everything become so mixed up?

We don’t always see what’s in front of us.

Deborah’s Secret – Brides of Cedar Creek – Book 4

55,000 words – at Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, Kobo, IBooks – $0.99

Also in paperback

Twice forced to marry a stranger.

Deborah Asberry’s father picked her first husband. Now she’s widowed, and her father is forcing her to marry again—this time to a widower with two small children who lives in southwest Missouri far from her St. Louis home. If only she could love and know the love of a gentle man, but she’s never disobeyed her father.

Dane Stark’s wife died in childbirth two months before. He needs help with his children, but he will never place another woman in that same danger. By marrying a stranger, he believes he can keep his distance. Then he meets Deborah, and he soon longs for a normal marriage with her.

But Deborah harbors a secret that could tear apart the fragile thread that holds Dane’s heart to hers. When another woman interferes, Deborah doesn’t know what to believe. Only true love can overcome the odds Dane and Deborah face.

Lesson of the Poinsettia 

Historical romance 25,000 words at Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, Kobo, IBooks – $0.99

Also in paperback – $5.99

Nine years ago Abigail Stevens lost her sight when fever struck. She’s part owner of Kingson Steel, but lets her older sister take care of business while she hides in the darkness. At twenty-four, she’s never been kissed and has given up on leading a normal life. That is, until her neighbor crosses the street.

Nine year of Mary Ella loves Abigail’s flowers, but her overprotective father wants her to stay home. Seth Warren can’t resist the woman with the flowers any more than his daughter can. Until Abigail hurts his pride by giving him a coveted position in Kingson Steel.

A New Life 

Contemporary romance 60,000 words in Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, Kobo, IBooks – $0.99

Also in paperback – $8.99

She’s city. He’s Country. She just found out they have something in common. Her son!






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