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Heaven is For Real, For Kids—A Review

Many readers will have heard of the original book Heaven is For Real, which though told by the young Colton Burpo, is written for adults. This is the picture book version for children, the story of a young boy who visited heaven while his parents were in the hospital waiting room, fearing for his life. … Continue reading »

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Carrying Mason, by Joyce Magnin–A Review

Don’t you love it when you and your child have the same taste? That is, of course, except when they wear the same size clothing you do. Then, you never see your favorite shoes until there are holes in the soles. Well, I have discovered my daughter and I have the same taste in books. … Continue reading »

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There You’ll Find Me, by Jenny B. Jones–A Review

There You’ll Find Me by Jenny B. Jones is about a young woman still reeling from the death of her brother. A brother who’d devoted his life to help others and meant a great deal to her. So why would God take him from her? After acting out against this trauma, through extended over partying, … Continue reading »

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Connie’s ACFW Experience

Two days after my wild flight home from the ACFW writer’s conference, I still need to sleep in. Now, if only my daughter’s school would comply and start an hour later, things would be A-OK. And what a wild ride it was, both literally and figuratively. You have to understand, I haven’t been on a … Continue reading »

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A Doctor’s Folly–Wrong Kiss

Hello fellow fiction lovers. I hope you enjoyed our previous Fiction Fun theme “First Kiss Interrupted By and Animal.” Today, we are moving on to a new theme: “Wrong Kiss.” I hope you enjoy the story of Jeannette Weisman as she learns something new about the world around her. Tee hee hee.   A Doctor’s … Continue reading »

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Cherished–A Review

Cherished, by Kim Cash Tate, is a story about two women on different paths in their faith journey and how God brings them together to help them grow in Him. Kelli is a young woman whose faith had poured from her, through song, until she made a terrible decision which she felt separated her from … Continue reading »

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Seasons in the Mist by Deb Kinnard—A Review

Subtitle: Confessions of a Recovering Feminist Chivalry, oh, how I long for thee! Strong hands to lift me. Broad shoulders to guard me. Kind words to cherish me. And lips to call me … wench???? Oh yes, but if he comes with all the other … he can call me wench! Bethany was a 21st … Continue reading »

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In Between—A Review? (Warning: It may be hazardous to your sanity!)

            Okay … so I go to the library and can’t find the book I want, so I decide to break down and look for one of my favorite authors in the Young Adult Section. I have vowed not to read any more Young Adult, because … well … maybe I need to grow up … Continue reading »

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A House Divided

I told the other ladies I would not be writing devotionals because I figure with my thinking process if I tried a devotional, it would probably just confuse everyone. But I heard something that stuck with me and thought I’d pass it on. You remember the sentence, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Abraham … Continue reading »

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How To Help A Grieving Friend, by Stephanie Grace Whitson—A Review

Though I have lost many loved ones in my forty-five years of life, and grieved bitterly over each loss, I have yet, as of this writing, not lost that very person whose presence (or lack thereof) impacted my every day. Neither, have I lost a person whose opinion I require for most all of my … Continue reading »

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