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Count Your Blessings

“Can you meet me at Ryan’s Café for lunch?” Lisa’s request wasn’t out of the ordinary, yet the strain in her voice tugged at Janice’s mind while she drove to the café. Something was going on. Although she didn’t have a clue what it might be, her heart pounded as she parked and crossed the … Continue reading »

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Quilts and Historical Fiction

I’m happy to introduce Stephanie Grace Whitson to you, although if you’ve read any of her books, I’ll be wasting my breath. I’m in the process of reading her recent book, An Unsuitable Match, and am enjoying it very much. Stephanie has a new book coming out next year with Barbour titled The Key on the Quilt, so … Continue reading »

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Have you cooked with Cottolene lately?

My title is a loaded question because unless you were cooking during the years from 1868 to about 1950, you’ve probably never even heard of Cottolene. But if you write historicals, you might have your heroine dip into a bucket of Cottolene rather than lard if she’s cooking in the late 19th Century or early … Continue reading »

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Pal Gets His Way!

On this Fiction Fun Friday, I’m taking you back in time to 1895 when men were gentlemen, ladies valued their reputation, and a horse might stick his nose where it didn’t belong. This excerpt is actually taken from a story I’ve started that I hope you’ll be reading one day. Here’s Laurie and her Lawman! … Continue reading »

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Found Any Good Publishers Lately?

Sometimes finding the right publisher can be harder than writing a potential best-seller. I’ve read there are hundreds of small presses out there if you can find them. To be honest, you probably don’t want to find some of them. Many charge a fee to publish your book. I included one such publisher in the … Continue reading »

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Apple Peeling 19th Century!

Back in 1970, my dad planted 6 apple trees in the yard where I now live. He had Lodi, Harrelson, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Jonathan, and Macintosh. The trees he planted were semi-dwarf, which means they have a short life span, so our trees are now dying out one by one. I’m really going to miss … Continue reading »

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We Have a Winner!

Connie Cortright is the winner of Abandoned Hearts by Regina Tittel. Congratulations, Connie! If you didn’t win and you would like a copy of Regina’s book, check at, Smashwords, or Pubit. Thank you to all who commented. God bless, Mildred

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Introducing Regina Tittel

Today, I’m welcoming Regina Tittel, author of Abandoned Hearts, to Infinite Characters. Regina is a homeschool mom to her two daughters and has been married for almost eighteen years. She and her husband are still madly in love, which gives her a lot to work with in romance. She admits she has an overactive imagination, … Continue reading »

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Interview with K. Dawn Byrd

I’d like to welcome K. Dawn Byrd to Infinite Characters. She has written a young adult romance titled Mistaken Identity. This is a story of Eden Morgan, a teenager, whose best friend falls in love with the same boy Eden loves.   K. Dawn will be giving away one gift card for a free download … Continue reading »

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